Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Side Stand Mod

This mod applies to early model MV F4’s with auto retracting side stands

Some folks either bend the stock spring lever around the existing nut such that the lower portion passes the centerline of the nut with the stand down or purchase the standard Evo 2 and up part number from Cagiva, but I have found the following method to work the best.

The Ducati spring lever [P/N 82912602A], or "side stand plate" as they call it, is very narrow and has a prominent 'C' in the middle of it that ends up fitting around the Ducati nut [P/N 75010481A], or "side stand bolt" as they call it, which has a slot turned circumferentially around it. Using these parts works great except you must also shim out the mount or the spring lever will scrape the belly pan as you put the stand down.

You will need to shim out the mount between 6mm to 7mm to provide the clearance needed. This is accomplished by using either a combination of appropriately sized washers or a length of tubing that serves as a compression sleeve. You will also need to replace the three 8mm x 22mm cap screws with longer 8mm x 30mm ones. If possible, try to use "low head" style cap screws otherwise one of them will rub against the rubber sensor boot and another will touch the fairing panel. I used standard 316 SS ones and trimmed the head height down to 6.5mm. Last, apply a little of the "removable type" loc-tite to all three screws and re-assemble.

Not only does this method cure the undesirable auto retracting problem but it also provides a bit more room for clearance and allows you to find the stand easier with your foot.



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