Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuning 3) Eprom replacement

contributed by Brad with Moto-One Australia
MV Dealership, Workshop and Custom Eprom tuner
Moto One
1432 Dandenong Rd. Oakleigh
Victoria Australia LMCT 7644
Ph: (03) 9568 0100

Please contact Moto-One directly if you are interested in their custom Eprom tuning for MV! Their information can be found here:

Before custom or aftermarket eprom replacement you need to set up your TPS and afterwards you need to adjust your idle, CO and Throttle Body Balance as follows:

Step 1) TPS setup found here:

Step 2) Replace Eprom described below

Step 3) Idle, Base Co and Throttle Body Balance setup

Swapping an Eprom. The 1.6M ECU has a rubber access plug that is always hidden under a “do not remove” sticker of some sort. Either remove the whole sticker or just use a sharp knife/blade to cut around the plug and gently pry it out with a little screwdriver. Once removed you can see the eprom directly under the access hole.

Being very careful remove the grey blobs of silicone (the greatest goop ever) from either end of the eprom and its little white plastic clip on cover. It’s common to lose them inside the ECU case – just hold it upside down and roll them out as required. Then using a small blade and extreme care (usually the amount of care is inversely proportional to the number of times you’ve done it) pry the tangs of the white plastic clip on cover sideways out from under the eprom socket base and remove the white cover. You might have to go fishing for this too.

This exposes the eprom. Using an eprom puller under each end of the eprom remove it as well. Many people like to use anti static mats and the like when removing/fitting eproms to stop static electricity from damaging the eprom. Personally I never do (because I was never told to and Duane at FIM/Ultimap taught me everything I know in this area) and have never had a problem. I’m sure that’ll upset some. If it concerns you, go to an electrical supplies shop and fit yourself out. If any of this eprom swapping daunts you, get someone who has done it before to do it for you.

You’ll also notice that the socket that the eprom sits on and the pins go into has a notch at one end. The eprom also has a notch, usually hidden under the grey goop. This is the locating notch, and the new eprom needs to be fitted with its notch at the same end.

At this point, if you’re fitting one of our MVB01 eproms or any other sort of FIM/Ultimap eprom (excepting Megazone), you’ll notice the original eprom is only a single grey piece, whereas the Ultimap eprom is a similar grey piece fitted to a green circuit board. This green circuit board is a security device manufactured by Ultimap. Removing the eprom from this will do you no good at all, as it won’t work. For obvious reasons it also stops you copying the eprom and selling it on yourself too. So, you install the complete eprom and green board assembly as shown below.

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