Thursday, November 17, 2005

Stands, Work Stands for Front and Rear

MV Agusta Factory parts:

MV Factory rear stand p/n 800092642

courtesy Yannis

MV Factory windup front stand p/n 800095807

MV Agusta Corse front stand

MV Agusta Corse rear stand

FG Moto stands:

FG Moto front windup stand #CA04

Also requires MV adaptor #195101

FG Moto rear stand with wheels #CP05MV

FG Moto rearset jackstands #CPD01 (for bikes with solid rearsets, not folding OEM)

Pit-Bull Stands

Pitbull one armed rear stand MV Agusta(only for wheel removal)

courtesy Andy - please note, use of front pit-bull forklift stand is not recommended on MV without stabilizing the caliper brakets from rotating. Some owners use a rod through the caliper braket from Left side to Right side in order to keep them inline and thus not slip off the pit-bull forklift stand. Strongly suggest use of one of the other front stands on this page.

Pitbull One Armed Reversible rear stand MV Agusta (for wheel and sprocket removal)


Handy Industries Stands:

Handy Industries rear stand Item Number 13004 with MV pin Item # 12997

Abba Stands:

Abba chassis swingarm stand (also order: Fitting Kit for: MV F4 750/1000)

courtesy Ralph

Abba front windup stand (unconfirmed MV fitment!)

Motocorse Stands: and

courtesy Yannis

Motocorse rear alu stand

courtesy Yannis

Motocorse front stand for caliper bracket

courtesy Yannis

Motocorse jackstand for solid rearsets (not folding OEM)

Motocorse Rear Pump up Stand:

courtesy Yannis

Anderson Stands:

MV rear stand normal:

MV rear stand space saver with mobile castors:

Pirate's Lair Front stand:

Carpimoto Front Lift stand

-Thanks to BlackBruty/Vlad Drac


NCR Titanium Stands:

USA Orders:

NCR Titanium Rear Stand. Special order. Specify Ducati Corse rear axle or MV Axle to get correct size. Only 1kg!!

NCR All Titanium Rearset Jack Stands

Bike Lift Single Sided Swingarm Stand:

Order with Item # (E) PMM-01 MV Agusta F4 pin


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