Monday, November 21, 2005

Heat Exchanger modification for 4-2-1 MVSP or Ti Header Installation

Contributed by HansB.

When installing new MVSP/Corse or Ti headers a part must be changed in order to clear the new header. This applies to chassis 1-4145 - primarily 2000/2001 F4 750 models. The new fitment of the heat exchanger allows clearance to the new header.

The required parts were arriving with the Ti or Stainless headers at the time but now that stock is depleted may have to be ordered seperately (one each of the following):

(1) 800092478
(1) 8000A1544
(1) 800099459


-Remove side, lower and nose fairings
-Drain radiator
-Drain oil
-Remove exhaust
-Remove radiator(s)
-Remove exhaust headers

-Loosen old existing bolt and disk from the heat exchanger

-Note aluminum washer and o-ring inside unit

-Place the washer on a new stainless bolt and the new bracket is fitted from above and clicks onto the heat exchanger. This fitment also prevents the bolt from loosening it's self.

-Note new clearance on offer from new bracket

-Refit radiators
-Fill Oil
-Fill radiators
-Refit nose, side and lower fairings

-edited by JamesC


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