Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Throttle spring tension

A common and longstanding complaint by owners is the force required to turn the throttle and then maintain it at a given throttle input. There is a simple and reversible way to lighten the spring tension on the throttle return.

The Throttle body bank has two throttle return springs, one between cylinders 2/3 and another outboard of cylinder 1 on the bike's left side.

Spring between 2/3:

-courtesy Brad

The spring shown above, between 2/3, will remain in place for throttle return.

We will be removing the tension from the throttle return spring just below the airbox on the bike's left side.

-courtesy James

As you can see above, the spring has been removed from tension. The easiest way to do this is pull the long straight end toward you and away from it's stop block. It is fine to leave it free on the throttle body as shown above - removal would be extremely difficult and unnecessary.

Relish in your newfound ease to highside into oblivion :P



At 12:52 PM , Anonymous ziggy48 said...

I have done this modification to my bike recently. It a very welcome and dramatic change to the feel of the throttle on my Brutale 750. The throttle remains somewhat sensitive still on account of other factors beyond spring tension, although this modification has produced a noticable improvement.

I recommend it to anyone. It takes only a few minutes with a pair of small needle-nose pliers. Be careful not to scratch the frame in the process, as I did realize the paint on the frame is far more sensitive than I thought (I ended-up with some light but visible scratches on the frame, which I think will buff off).

Thanks to James for taking the time to share these these valuable insights.


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