Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Frame Sliders and other protection

The subject of frame sliders is a common one and something that requires special consideration.

The mounting method from the frame to the engine's head utilizes a bolt threaded directly into the Alu of the powerplant. This is a popular bolt to utilize by aftermarket slider companies.

We were warned early on by engine designer Andrea Goggi that significant damage can be done if frame sliders are improperly mounted using this same bolt.

-- insert damaged head thread photo here --

There are many popular offerings but few mount the sliders correctly. One notable and highly suggested application is the one used by Jorg Teuchert in the German IDM Superbike Championship. Found here from Performance Parts (also speaks English):


You can see above that we have the bolts which mount the frame to the Alu head. These bolts are hollow and threaded to allow the safe mounting of the slider mount to the BOLT rather than the engine head directly. Very important point.

Other sliders which can be considered safe are those which are press-fit into the frame hole, some of which stay behind the fairing and serve to protect the frame from damage rather than cosmetics.

Sliders which mount at the frame plates (R&G Lower Sliders), front/rear axles and bar-ends should be considered safe.

You can find sliders on offer from the parts suppliers in this FAQ link:




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