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Parts and Modifications, MV Agusta Corse & Aftermarket Suppliers

Submitted by Chris Current (Quixotic_1)

MV Agusta Special Parts MV Agusta Corse:


  • This site lists most MV Corse Special Parts items that are manufactured by or for MV Agusta
  • Factory parts offerings orderable by any dealer
  • Parts may also be purchased through this site and shipped worldwide
  • Located in San Marino, Italy
  • Ti factory parts manufactured by MotoCorse, see listing below

MV Agusta Aftermarket Suppliers:

Moto Corse Special Parts: http://www.motocorse.jp/

  • Top level Titanium parts as supplied directly and also to the factory for all MV Corse Ti
  • Top level tuning and engine internals
  • Creators of a number of special complete bikes for F4 and Brutale models
  • New line of Carbon Fibre parts
  • Suppliers of select top level components from other compaines which fit MV models

UK Contact: www.emotouk.com

US Contact: www.motopoint.com

Moto MV: http://www.moto-mv.com/index.htm

  • A mix of both MV Corse Special Parts and aftermarket parts
  • A wide variety of performance and aesthetic parts for all MV models
  • Includes racing parts, titanium bolts, aftermarket exhaust parts, Power Commanders, even MV clothing
  • Located in the UK

Performance Parts: http://www.performanceparts.de/

  • Site is in German, try Babelfish (http://babelfish.altavista.com/) to translate
  • Offers many performance parts, including: clip-ons, brake upgrades, suspension and steering tools and upgrades, lighter bolts, sprockets, MV tools and the often referenced gold brake reservoir connectors
  • Parts on offer are race proven by German Superbike effort of Jorg Teuchert
  • Located in Cologne, Germany but ships Intl

Be Faster: http://www.befaster.de/

  • Mostly German importer of Moto Corse MV parts
  • Also, though, they have many race accessories such as lap timers and very useful diagnostic equipment
  • Based in Hannover, Germany

Red Racing Parts: http://www.redracingparts.com/en/english.htm

  • Search for "MV Agusta" and a Google site search will display available parts
  • Everything from rearsets to chains to sprockets to stands to (limited) carbon fiber are offered here; too much to list
  • Located in Italy

MotoWheels: http://www.motowheels.com/

  • Many parts for MV Agusta including; carbon, titanium, radial caliper conversion, calipers, rotors, master cylinders, exhaust, wheels and misc.
  • Exhibit project MV F4 of their own including full carbon and BST wheels

Fast by Ferracci: http://ferracci.lhhosting.com/index.php

  • Not the easiest site to navigate, but their parts are renowned; everyone that rides Italian knows this company
  • The important 800cc overbore kit for the Agusta 750 (F4, Brutale)
  • The well-known quick-change carrier for 750 Agustas and accompanying sprockets
  • Exhausts, carbon fiber body parts, stands, clip-ons; too many to list...
  • Located in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania with a location in Bologna, Italy

Casoli Moto Australia: http://www.casoli.com.au/ recommended by forum members

  • Many parts for MV Agusta F4 and Brutale
  • Mostly known for their carbon fiber parts for the F4
  • They also sell several billet accessories, such as bar end weights, clutch and brake reservoirs, rearsets, fuel caps, etc. Their selection is constantly expanding
    Exhausts, windscreens, and even tools

Casoli Moto USA: http://www.casolimotousa.com/ OUT OF BUSINESS!

Casoli Moto UK) http://www.casoli.co.uk/ Many complaints about them!

Lieb Speed: http://www.lieb-speed.de/index.htm?frame=sg_NewsMVAgusta.htm

  • MV Agusta carbon bits for F4 and Brutale, VERY high quality prepreg carbon
  • Sponsor of Jorg Teuchert (races MV Agusta F4)
  • Located in Germany (and most of site is in German)
  • Distributed in USA by www.shift-tech.com - see below

Pirates' Lair: http://piratesk12site.net/MVPP.htm

  • Good site and well-regarded
  • They offer several hard-to-find parts
  • Exhaust headers for the Brutale, the mid-pipe replacement for the F4-1000, Wilbers Suspension, license plate relocator for the F4, billet reservoir covers, headlight protectors, R&G line of crash protectors (sliders), custom footpeg kits, two all-in-one tailights (clear with red LEDs that also functions as turnsignals and the Hyper Lite MV Kit), an exclusive front stand, and the F4 helmet lock put together exclusively for Pirate's Lair
  • Located in Fairview, North Carolina USA

PFM Brakes: http://www.pfmbrakes.com/welcome.asp?page=catalogue&logoid=7

  • UK Manufacturer of top level brake kits
  • Located in Isle of Man, UK

QB Carbon: http://www.worldofqbcarbon.com/products/mvagusta/mvagusta.htm

  • UK supplier of their own carbon parts for the F4 (highly regarded)
  • Some other parts, such as a gold swingarm (not sure if magnesium or not) and sprockets
  • Located Nottinghamshire, UK

MV-F4.com: http://www.f4oro.de/Parts/parts.html

  • Many exhaust options for F4 and Brutale
  • Very shiny carbon parts made for their shop for both F4 and Brutale (as well as some 'carbon look' parts)
  • Decals, stickers and pins
  • Covers, bags and even MV rugs
  • Specialty lights including the 'all-in-one' tail light, some very interesting turn signals (aluminum and silver anodized), bar end signal lights, mini turn signals for F4 and Brutale
  • Plate relocators
  • A Brutale air dam???
  • Custom (embroidered MV logos) seats for F4 and Brutale
  • Rear sets, Ohlins suspension, and the full MV Agusta offering from Rizoma
  • Many specialty items, like 'Fuel Friend' for an extra bit of petrol and fits in the tail section, a helmet lock, and many tools...
  • They must be contacted for many of their prices
  • Located in Germany

Rizoma: http://www.rizoma.com/index.html

  • Billet parts for MV Agusta
  • Not many of them are listed on the website in any category (except for a small section for the Brutale - 3 items)
  • Look under their Universal section for an idea of their available parts and contact them directly with fitment questions
  • Rearsets, Reservoirs, mirrors, Brutale License tag locator, etc
  • Their recommended retailer is CarpiMoto (see below)
  • Locations in Italy, France and Germany

Carpimoto: http://www.carpimoto.com/

  • Large online retailer of parts
  • Searchable by Make and Model
  • Way too many parts to list (65 pages just for the Brutale), but many are 'universal' bits like stickers, keychains and the like
  • Key retailer for Rizoma parts and accessories
  • Located in Genoa, Italy

Kaufmann Motos AG: http://www.hrkaufmann.ch/onlineshop/

  • Site is entirely in German
  • CRC Carbon bits
  • Magnesium and carbon wheels
  • License plate relocators
  • Turn signals of many types, including the Brutale 'passenger grab bar' area relocation set
  • Upgraded headlight for Brutale
  • F4 windscreens (5 types/colors), Brutale windscreens (two types)
  • Sliders (crash protectors) for all Agustas
  • Exhausts
  • Race bodywork, dash, windscreens
  • Nice billet top triple tree for F4
  • F4 slipper-clutch
  • MV Agusta CRC clothing and accessories, models, covers, stands and rugs
  • Located in Muhen, Switzerland

MV Agusta Parts (German, ships Intl): http://www.mvagusta-parts.com/e_startseite.html

  • Electronic speedometer recalibrator for all Agustas (recommended if changing sprockets)
  • All bodywork (unpainted) for racing or custom paint/replacement
  • Quickreleaseefastenerss
  • Crashpads (sliders) for all Agustas
  • Sprockets and chains (and quick-change carriers)
  • Forged aluminum and magnesium wheels; carbon wheels (Marchesini, PVM and BST)
  • Quality carbon fiber body parts (money- back guarantee!) for all Agustas
  • Brembo radial brake upgrade bits; all parts needed
  • All-in-one brake light and other signal lights
  • SIL (F4 and Brutale) and Arrow exhaust (Brutale)
  • Severalfastenerr options
  • Billet triple clamps (2 types)
  • Clip-ons
  • Rearsets (interesting design)
  • The famed German 860cc upgrade for Agusta 750 engines!
  • Slipper clutch for the 750 engine
  • Ohlins suspension
  • Every special tool and several stand choices
  • Large selection of stickers (not all listed on site)
  • Amazing selection of Agusta gear, such as jackets, model kits, key chains and even a tire valvle cover in the shape of a piston
  • Located in Mainburg, Germany

MV Agusta Benlux: http://www.racemotoren.nl/index_MV.html

  • Dutch source for MV Agusta Corse parts and kits
  • Also MV Agusta Corse apparel and gear

Shift-Tech: http://www.shift-tech.com/shop/enter.html

  • US seller for Lieb-Speed Carbon parts
  • Also on eBay as "kartwholesale", where some MV carbon parts are also auctioned\sold by them
  • Very high quality prepreg carbon and also sells MV fitment Gilles rearsets

Riding House: http://www.riding-house.com/parts/agusta.htm

  • Supplier of some nice rearsets
  • Also, they have the MV Corse Titanium exhausts, HID headlight kits, fork sliders, radiator covers for F4 and Brutale
  • They also have special, shop built bikes
  • Based in Osaka, Japan

eMoto/eBusters: http://www.emotouk.com/mvagusta.htm

  • Many parts here, including special carbon bits.
  • They also have MV Corse parts, bags, tank protectors, exhausts (Moto Corse, Arrow), performance parts such as air filters and Power Commanders, Gilles rearsets, frame sliders and protectors, windscreens and suede seats.
  • Excellent customer service!
  • Based in the UK

MV Agusta Deutschland GmbH: http://www.mvagusta.de/

  • Well designed site with news and updates in German
  • Mostly standard MV Agusta Corse parts
  • They sell many of the special parts in sets as well
  • Their special claim is the ultimate MV Agusta Tool Set; found under "MV Racing", "PRODUKTE" , "Special" - Great kit, but rather expensive
  • Based in Wesseling, Germany

DucatiShop: http://www.ducatishop.ch/

  • Look under MV Agusta on the left navigation pane
  • They have many parts from the MotoCorse Japan parts producer (see entry above) including the Brembo radial mount kit, Brutale rear seat cowl, some of their nice Ti bits, etc. They can also get most of their other parts not listed on their site
  • They also have the STM slipper clutch; Marchesini, Marvic, Dymag and BST wheels; various makes of many carbon parts - some hard-to-find; STM sprockets; chains; many Rizoma parts; various aftermarket turn indicators; rearsets from a few manufacturers - over 150 parts overall!
  • (Gunnar recommends!)
  • Located in Switzerland

Ilmberger Carbonparts: http://www.ilmberger-carbon.de/

  • Carbon parts for Brutale only currently; prices not listed
  • Quality appears superb
  • (Another Gunnar recommendation!)
  • Located in Germany

MCET: http://www.mcet.de/

  • More carbon parts for MV Agusta
  • Possibly other parts that would be useful for Agusta's, but the site is entirely in German
  • Located in Germany

Ducati Shed\Norton-SP: http://www.norton-sp.com/

  • Carbon parts for F4 and Brutale (many good photos) with good pricing
  • Dzus fasteners of all sorts
  • The necessary rear-wheel removal tool and a nice leather case to carry it in
  • The Kellermann halogen signals
  • And, the high-chrome silver wheel paint!
  • Based in Hamburg, Germany and starting to grow...

Motovation: http://www.motovationusa.com/mvstore/Scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=64

  • Noteable for frame\fork\axle sliders for all MV Agusta models
  • License plate relocation kits
  • Arrow headers, mid-pipe and exhaust
  • Clutch and Brake Lever 'Skinz'
  • Nice Rearsets
  • Integrated rear signals and clear replacement lenses for stock signals
  • Based in Austin, Texas USA.

More to come...

There are, generally, two types of motorcycle owner, the tinkerer and the stocker. The stock people will buy a bike and leave it 'as is' throughout its existence; they may hold onto it forever or sell it when the next interesting machine is released on the world. We won't be dealing with them here. This is for those who like to change only some things or everything on their machine.

The tinkerers are always looking for the next best bit of hardware that will add that extra something to their bike. Some just buy one or two little add-ons to improve the look or performance of their machine and some go all out and just buy everything that they can get their hands on. This post is for the tinkerer; this will be a one-source for all currently known parts suppliers.

With MV Agusta there are limited resources, as we all know. Since this very exclusive make is most certainly a small company and produces only a few thousand motorcycles a year, not many suppliers make parts for them as they do for the big four in Japan, the American contingent, or our Italian cousins. So, this list is an attempt to bring together suggested suppliers, manufacturers and retailers that have been mentioned in many different posts in the various MV Agusta forums.

So, here will be website listings, mostly, with direct links to MV Agusta pages when possible. Also, some companies with only phone numbers may be listed. Comments are most welcome; experiences with quality of parts, ease of use, customer service and such will be very useful. As more information is made available about special and unique parts, they will be added to this list. Please contact Chris at quixotic_1@earthlink.net with any questions, concerns or additions


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