Friday, September 22, 2006

Oil filter analysis and potential alternative

Please carefully consider the risks when deciding to use non OEM parts.

There was a time when oil filters were hard to come by, especially in the UK. The UK importer at that time suggested the use of the Champion F306. This is the same filter as used by various Kawasakis & Yamahas including ZXR400/750, ZZR600,V-Max, R6, R7 & R1.

Here is a photo comparing the MV filter part# 8000A0810 with the Champion F306

-courtesy P, click to enlarge

The main differences are that the Champion F306 is slightly longer & hence has more surface area (a good thing) and that the Champion has an anti-drain backvalve (also a good thing on horizontally mounted filters - it's the orange ring).

Testing the pressure release valve with some scales shows the Champion F306 releases at 2.6Kgs pressure, the MV at 2.9Kgs. Given the fact that different manufacturers valves vary by substantially more than 300g even for the same model bikes, I think the difference can be safely ignored.

-Submitted by P


At 2:38 AM , Blogger IronChef said...

Is it really necessary to remove the exhaust to change oil filter as workshop manual suggests or can they be squeezed in with pipes on?


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