Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fuel Filter check and/or change, every 12,000km/7500mi


Fuel filter swap or 'check' requires disassembly of the fuel tank. It is also suggested you replace the rubber hoses involved in the fuel system every 24 months. I personally feel a swap every 24000km/15000mi or at 2yrs along with the rubber hoses is reasonable.

Parts required:

-Fuel hose. 8mm inner diameter or 5/16" SAE. Able to wistand +43psi or 3.0 kg/cm2 (300 kPa). Most USA available fuel injection hose is rated to 50psi and 7.9mm inner diameter. If replacing all fuel hose internal to tank and external to tank you will need approx 2m/6ft.

-Fuel filter. MV Part number 800088585. You can also use a Ducati 748/916/996/998 filter. I personally use BMW PN: (1614) 2 325 859 which can be more readily available and is cheaper.

-Hose clamps. Clic-R or All Stainless worm drive hose clamps (6)

At this point if you have not already swapped the quick connect fuel fittings from the stock plastic fittings for metal you may wish to do so. The tank will be apart already and this makes the process much simpler. See this FAQ entry if interested:

Process for Replacement:

-Siphon or pump as much fuel as possible out of the tank
-Remove tank from bike; remove seat, side panels then rear attachment pin under seat hinge
-Unclip fuel line fittings by pressing metal tabs
-Unclip fuel pump AMP connector
-Drain Tank utilizing drain plug on lower surface, hex key 8(?)mm
-Place tank upside down on soft work surface
-Remove three tube nuts securing metal flange assembly to tank
-Insert three M6 bolts into fuel pump flange holes to pull metal flange free from tank. Tighten bolts in balanced sequence to keep flange fairly level as it is removed
-Pull fuel pump assembly free of tank taking care with O-ring
-Remove the Clic-R fasteners from hoses with Clic-R pliers

-Remove Clic-R fasteners from fuel filter assembly
-Size and cut new replacement hose to fit old pieces

-Press tabs of fuel pump rubber sheath and pull fuel pump assembly free from metal flange
-Pull fuel pump screen filter free from pump assembly
-Using compressed air or similar clean all residue from screen filter. Replace if damaged
-Replace screen filter so that barbed hose fitting is in line with pump barb connection as follows

-Replace quick connect fuel fittings on outside of metal flange if so desired
-Snap fuel filter assembly back into metal flange
-Fit new fuel filter onto hose with clamps. Ensure that arrow is pointing towards metal flange
-Arc and fit new hose from filter barb to fuel pump barb and clamp

-Remove hoses from bottom of fillter cap which will attach to fuel pump flange from inside tank
-Cut new hose to size and fit it into same, approx 50cm/18" each
-Hose A will attach to flange on silver barb next to fuel pump
-Hose B will attach to flange on silver barb between filter and fuel height sensor

-Check large green O-ring around the filter flange. If any damage, replace
-Once perfect O-ring is fitted lubricate it with silicone grease liberally
-Lower metal flange assembly into tank so that "FRONT" mark on flange is facing the front
-Fit hoses as above (Hose A and Hose B) and clamp them taking care not to damage large green O-ring surrounding the metal flange assembly
-Press metal flange assembly evenly so as not to pinch/damage the O-ring. Screw tube nuts back onto threaded tank fittings and tighten metal flange to the tank
-Use teflon plumbing tape on the drain plug and resecure it to tank

If replacing all rubber hoses you'll now need to cut the new hose to size from fuel rail to quick connect fitting. Fit new hose to fuel rail and fit new quick connects to new hose


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