Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oils suggested by the factory

There are two officially supported and suggested motor oils per the Research and Development Lab at the factory.

The first, and specified per the manual, is Agip:

Agip 4T 10W - 60

This can be ordered directly from American Agip for USA owners:

The next oil is somewhat easier to find and is available and most motorcycle retailers or online

Motul 300V 15W-50

This is from the MV Yahoogroups and originates with the engine deisgner:

"Another bit of informations: change oil every 6000 Kms (3,728mi). Seems banal, but any
kind of problem related to wear can be influenced by oil change.

We use AGIP Racing 4T 10W-60 and it it really works well (it's not only a
commercial issue).
We also have direct experience with Motul V 300 15W-50, which is also a very good
oil. "



At 6:43 PM , Anonymous Jim Bush said...

Last oil change I used Redline 20-50 - full synthetic with no friction modifiers. The maintenance manual suggests 20-50 as an alternative to the 10-60 spec AGIP. Redline state their oil is for high eng temp applications - my Brutale seems to run hot. OK so far, shifting is fine.


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