Monday, September 12, 2005

Wheel fitments and weights for OEM and aftermarket

Following is a list of wheels, their weights and MOI - which fit MV Agusta Brutale and F4 with two popular industry alternatives listed for comparison [which do not].

For the MOI, "Moment of inertia"basically lower is better on a comparative level, has to do with the force to spin up at a certain rotational acceleration and the gyroscopic characteristics. How the wheel "deals" with it's weight.

Data listed in Front/Rear format.

SportRider Magazine Feb 04:

-BST street: Front 5.5lb / Rear 10.4lb MOI: 217 lb in2 / 304lb in2

photo courtesy BST

-Carrozzeria forged alu: F 9.4 / R 14.02 MOI: 421 / 587 (no known MV fit)

-Dymag Carbon: F 7.3 / R 12.38 MOI: 301 / 406

photo courtesy

-Marchesini forged alu: F 8.82 / R 13.8 MOI: 362 / 496 *Rear=9.98lb SS swingarm
-Marchesini forged mg: F 6.54 / R 11.12 MOI: 276 / 373 *Rear=7.76lb SS swingarm

-Marchesini Shining forged Alu "Kompe": F 8.23lb / R 10.42 3.73kg / 4.72kg
photo courtesy

Brembo Superlight Forged Aluminum: F 6.47 / R 7.17 MOI: unknown
Kg. 2.938 (Forged Alu Front) Kg. 3.253 (Forged Alu Rear)

photos courtesy Gunnar

-Marvic Penta cast mg: F 7.46 / R 12.16 MOI: 327 / 437

photos courtesy

-OZ HL02 (Aprilia RSVR Factory) F 8.4 / R 15.54 MOI 331 / 565 (no known MV fit)

-PVM forged al Y5: F 7.96 / R 13.44 MOI: 346 / 489
-PVM forged mg Y5: F 5.6 / R 9.76 MOI: 209 / 290

photos courtesy

Manufacturer supplied data, new wheel was not yet released as of above test:
Found on
PVM forged alu Y10: F 8 / R 12.5 MOI: ? but 20% lower than Y5 alu
PVM forged mg Y10: F 5 / R 8 MOI: ? but 20% lower than their Y5 mg

photo courtesy ema-usa

photo courtesy

-MV Agusta OEM Aluminum rims combined: 11.6kg / 25.55lbs

-MV Agusta OEM ORO Magnesium rims combined: 7.1kg/ 15.7lbs
3.2 front and 3.9 rear

- Marchesini 10 spoke magnesium rims combined: 6.49kg / 14.3lb ss swingarm
- Marchesini 10 spoke aluminum rims combined: 8.5kg / 18.8lb ss swingarm
*incl spacers and bearings per

-BST Carbon Fiber rims combined: 7.2kg / 16.6lbs per for ss swingarm
*incl bearings, valvestems and spacers

-PVM magnesium rims combined: 6.8kg

From TAW, source of Brembo parts and Marchesini wheels:

Alloy Process UTS: Ultimate Tensile Strength
Al-356-2 Aluminum Cast 228 mpa/33 KSI
AZ-91D Magnesium Cast 230 / 34
AL-6061-T6 Aluminum Forged 310 / 45
MA-14 Magnesium Forged 328 / 48
This is an area where the forged process gives you higher strength and performance. The higher the number the stronger the wheel. This means that the forged aluminum wheel is 36% stronger than the cast aluminum wheel. The forged magnesium wheel is 42% stronger than the cast magnesium wheel.

Alloy Process YTS: Yield Tensile Strength
Al-356-2 Aluminum Cast 166 MPA / 24.1 KSI
AZ-91D Magnesium Cast 160 / 23
AL-6061-T6 Aluminum Forged 276 / 40
MA-14 Magnesium Forged 287 / 42

Again, this shows the yield tensile strength of the product. You can see that the forged aluminum is 66% stronger than the cast aluminum.The forged magnesium is 79% stronger than the cast magnesium.

Alloy Process Elongation
Al-356-2 Aluminum Cast 3.5%
AZ-91D Magnesium Cast 3.0%
AL-6061-T6 Aluminum Forged 12.0%
MA-14 Magnesium Forged 10.0%
This shows how brittle the material is. The higher the percentage number the stronger the material is. The lower percentage shows that the material is more brittle and is more likely to fail under an impact.



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