Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spark Plug Fitments

Beyond the normal replacement of spark plugs it has come to light that there is occasional stalling, especially on 1000cc models, which can be remedied by the use of certain spark plugs. Please also note that your throttle body sync and base CO% should also be carefully checked as this can be root cause of stalling on it's own.

Spark Plugs to use:

NGK CR9EIX - iridium, confirmed fix for stalling
NGK CR9EB - normal replacement model for brutale per manual - confirmed fix for stalling
NGK CR9E - normal replacement model for 750cc per manual
Champion G59c - normal prescribed replacement model for 750cc per manual

Spark Plugs fitted to bike as OEM:

NGK CR9EB for 750S
CHAMPION G 54 V for SPR/SR/Senna
NGK CR9EKB for Senna
NGK R 0045 - J 10 for Senna

NGK CR9EKB - listed as standard on F4 1000/Ago, has been present when stalling, recommend CR9EIX or CR9EB instead

Additional notes about Denso plugs:
Although we were advised by engine designer Andrea Goggi NOT to use denso type plugs, they seem to be popular with the Italian forum members. We were advised Denso type plugs were of an incorrect shape and thus not compatible with the MV heads. If you are interested, the model the Italian forum members are using is: Denso IU27 iridium.

Additional notes:

-Ensure use of anti-seize on spark plug threads
-Torque for fitting spark plugs is 12Nm

Your spark plugs may not come with the small terminal ends which screw onto the end of the plug and insert into the plug wires. These are called "Terminal Nuts" and can be troublesome to find.

Local automotive or motorcycle shops can likely help you, or online at:


For troubleshooting spark plug appearance:


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At 12:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

NGK R0045J-10 also comes on Tamburini.


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